Woodland Hills Mortgage Corporation, Real Estate Broker, CA Dept of Real Estate #01901462 NMLS #752237, was founded in 1990 as a private lending institution to fund “make sense” loans that banks won’t make. We knew these bank rejected borrowers still needed mortgage assistance that we could provide; therefore, we’ve loaned on almost all property types throughout California.

Since 2007, Woodland Hills Mortgage Corporation has been adding to its lending strategies to meet the demand of many niche markets that have been created by the influx of regulations following the 2007 real estate crash. We have reviewed, analyzed and adapted to these changes and remain one of the few companies in California to make loans secured by homes of borrowers who are or would be bank rejected.

We believe our extensive experience and in-house legal counsel provides a great advantage in this world where underwriting a loan is subject to vast levels of regulation.

Woodland Hills Mortgage Corporation’s staff is headed by an extraordinary management team:

Richard Temme-CEO, President

Richard C. Temme  CEO, President

Richard C. Temme, Real Estate Broker, CA Dept of Real Estate # 00259696 NMLS #298911 is past president of the California Mortgage Association (CMA), a current member of its Board of Directors and has been chairman, co-chairman or Senior member of the CMA’s Education Committee since its inception in 1998. Over the years, Richard has planned or participated in hundreds of presentations on various lending subjects affecting CMA membership.

For approximately three years prior to November 2003, Richard served at the request of California Real Estate Commissioner, Paula Reddish–Zinneman, on an advisory committee to evaluate and make recommendations for continuing education requirements for California Real Estate Licenses.

Richard has been a real estate broker, CA Dept. of Real Estate #00259696, since he was a young man. Later, Richard worked for Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith and afterward had a seat on the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange. Having passed various NASD, New York Stock Exchange, Department of Agriculture and Pacific Coast Stock Exchange exams, Richard’s familiarity with bonds and other investment vehicles led him to develop “make sense” skills when underwriting mortgage loans.

Richard holds a doctorate from Upper Iowa University and is periodically employed as an expert witness, testifying in lending related matters.

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